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GitHub Markdown

Welcome to the GitHub Markdown site!

This site aims to list all available options of formatting, that can be used in GitHub.
GitHub offers multiple places, where you can use the normal markdown formatting, but also their GitHub flavourited Markdown.

Known places for using Markdown are:

  • Any Markdown (.md) file on a GitHub repository.
  • Wiki pages of a GitHub repository.
  • Issues or Pull requests in a GitHub repository.

To simplify the search for specific features or to more easly answer the question "What can I use in x?" is this site split up into several categories to show you more easy what can and can't be used on specific parts of GitHub.


  • General
    These formatting options can be used across all places where GitHub supports markdown.
  • Issues/Pull requests
    All supported options for Issues and Pull requests.
  • Wiki
    All supported options for the wiki.

Note about this site and styling

This page uses MkDocs together with the PyMdown extensions.
PyMdown extensions provides certain features that help us to emulate some of GitHub's features like task lists. That said is the style often not the same so it may look different to what GitHub offers. If the style or behaviour is different on GitHub will we mention it.